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Resellers Supplies

I choose Amazon to purchase most of my tools. Why? The first reason is the price. The second reason is Easy Returns and the last but most important is the speed of delivery. I suggest that even if you decide to purchase from small businesses later, try the items out on Amazon first. Then find a small business when you find the right products.

Photo-Video Lighting
Effective video lighting plays a pivotal role in online sales. It is imperative to have well-lit product photos and properly illuminated live videos for a compelling and successful selling experience.
Shipping boxes should be sturdy. There should be enough room on the front of the box for a shipping label to fit completely on one side.
Bubble Wrap
Items should be packed safely without the item moving inside of the box.
Shipping Tape
Tape should be sturdy. Scotch is my favorite.
Light weight polymailers mainly for clothing and light items.
Bubble Mailers
Bubble mailers with added protection
Shipping Label Printers
Make sure label printers can print at least 4"x6"
4"x6" Shipping Labels
Either roles or flat depending on your printer
Thank You Stickers
Custom and basic stickers
Free Gift Stickers
Great if you put free gifts in orders
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