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Yes, We Can Talk About BOTS!

Bots, a subject often cloaked in secrecy, play an immense role in online reselling platforms. Contrary to what many may believe, the use of bots is far more widespread than meets the eye. In my personal experiences, I have witnessed website administrators and Facebook group organizers outwardly condemning bots while covertly leveraging them on their own accounts. How did I come to this realization? Having worked closely with executives from platforms like Poshmark and Mercari, I had access to specific usage data, which left no doubt about bot utilization.

But does it really matter if bots are used? My opinion is that it doesn't. Most platforms are well aware of bot activity and often turn a blind eye. In fact, bots offer some advantages by promoting external advertising, especially when sellers share their items on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. Although some platforms may limit bot usage, it typically doesn't result in serious consequences, as these measures can be bypassed easily. Interestingly, platforms might even benefit from the use of bots, as they can potentially lead to increased sales and revenue, outweighing any strain on their servers.

My perspective on bots has evolved over the years, particularly with Poshmark. In the past, using bots substantially boosted my sales, generating numerous likes and around 30 to 40 sales per day. However, with platform changes, algorithmic adjustments, and the rise of live auction selling, my sales have plummeted. Despite this, bots are not becoming obsolete; they are simply evolving to focus more on posting items outside the platforms. Nevertheless, using bots for external posting comes with risks, as counterfeit products, particularly high-priced items like shoes and purses, can lead to bans on both the platform and the associated social media channels.

For those considering using sharing bots, exercise caution and adhere to the platform rules. Start at the lowest and slowest pace to minimize the risk of being blocked. Additionally, I highly recommend cross-listing bots, which can be invaluable in increasing sales. However, be mindful that cross-listing involves additional effort, as each platform requires unique information. Although cross-listing bots streamline the process, removing sold items from all platforms promptly is crucial, especially if you have only one item available.

Always conduct thorough research before using any bot, ensuring you remain compliant with platform policies and guidelines.

In conclusion, bots have become an integral part of the reselling landscape, and their impact is undeniable. Whether they continue to be utilized for sharing items within platforms or shift towards external posting, bots will persist in the reselling world. While embracing automation can indeed enhance sales, exercising prudence and staying updated on platform policies will safeguard your reselling journey.

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